Animal Assisted Therapy
A Holistic Approach To Therapy, Utilizing Trained Clinicians, and Trained Goats
A Note From Your Psychologist
Allie Quade 
(AAP/EDMR Licensed Practicioner)
I am passionate about helping others realize their fullest potential, assisting them in discovering who they are at their best selves, what steps are needed to take toward achieving their goals and dreams. Perhaps you've been weighed down by difficult experiences in your past that you want to let go of. You want tools, greater insights, and a new perspective.

I take a holistic and client centered approach. I have a variety of tools I draw from that are tailored to meet your specific needs, and support you should you choose to include your spirituality as a part of the healing process.

The field of animal therapy is gaining more and more notoriety, and at Rocky Mountain Goat Yoga we have the opportunity to bring goats into the therapy session for animal assisted psychotherapy (AAP). By incorporating animals into the therapeutic environment, clients can work through their challenges, fears, receive support and love, and have fun through experiential activities that help build new skills and increase confidence. Therapy can actually be fun!

I am also trained in both EMDR and Brainspotting. They are highly effective and gentle approaches to working with trauma backed by research. I draw from both attachment focused and emotionally focused interventions when working with couples. I will work to empower you to feel competent to take on life's challenges in a secure and confident way.

For more questions: email with the subject line: Goat Therapy

I look forward to meeting you and helping you on your journey. 

- Allie Quade  (AAP/EDMR Licensed Practicioner)
More About Animal Assisted Therapy (AAT)
What is AAT?
Animal-assisted therapy is a therapeutic intervention that incorporates animals, such as horses, dogs, cats, pigs, and goats, into the treatment plan. It is used to enhance and complement the benefits of traditional therapy.
When It's Used
Animal-assisted therapy can be a useful intervention for individuals or groups. A meta-analysis of 49 studies reporting on animal-assisted therapy found positive outcomes and overall improved emotional well-being in those with autism, medical conditions, or behavioral issues. Another review of randomized, controlled studies found that animal-assisted therapy can be helpful for those battling illnesses like depression, schizophrenia, or addiction. Anyone who dislikes or fears animals or is allergic to them, is not a likely candidate for this particular intervention.
How It Works
Animals can provide a sense of calm, comfort, or safety and divert attention away from a stressful situation and toward one that provides pleasure. Advocates of animal-assisted therapy say that developing a bond with an animal can help people develop a better sense of self-worth and trust, stabilize their emotions, and improve their communication, self-regulation, and socialization skills.
Info Sourced From PsychologyToday.Com
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