Learn why we're raising money for a new business based on human/ goat companionship
The Story Behind Goat Walkabouts 
Hiking with goats for a cause
So what is a goat walkabout, and how was it started? Well, a goat walkabout is basically a hike where you bring a pair of companion goats along with you. All of our goats have been trained as companion animals and to interact with humans through goat yoga, but this is obviously a little different. One of the reasons we're so excited about goat walkabouts because it provides a new definition of "retired" for our goats. Goat walkabouts will feature our older, more mature goats that have since graduated from Baby Goat Yoga. This gives them purpose in their later years, and of course provides some much needed companionship for their human walkabout buddies. Take a look at the video below to see a goat walkabout in action...
"What happens to the goats when they get too big for goat yoga!?"
I never considered the size of the goats to be a problem considering they are the Nigerian Dwarf breed but some do get too big at around 4 years old! I planned on expanding and finding ways to support their growth as a herd after they retire out of goat yoga. These are some of the services we came up with to keep our herds working and interacting with you before and during 2020 hardships. We work hard to keep the goats working and community happy. 

1. Baby Goat Gram - Goat Delivery Service
2. Caprine Cutters - Residential Overgrowth Control
3. The G.O.A.T. Experience - Personalized Goat Interaction
4. Zoom with Goats - Caprine and other animals Zoom Calls
5. Goatflix and Chill - Outdoor movie theater w the goats!
6. Caprine Therapy - Therapy with a licensed Clinician 
7. Reading to Goats - Virtual Event
8. Virtual Goat Yoga - Virtual Event
9. Paint Wine and Goats - Virtual Event
10. Goat Yoga - Our numero uno!! 

Those are just a few of the creations we came up with because we wanted to answer the communities question about the goats lives after goat yoga. These services are great but it's not enough to keep them all working for their lifespans. We care about the herds and it is our responsibility to take care of them. We are responsible for cultivating a good life for the goats not just during their goat yoga years. We are creating their jobs.  
"What happens to the goats when they get too big for goat yoga!?"
One day Jimmy Junior and I decided to take our 4 year old Brutus and his little brother Rocky out for a hike in the Colorado foothills at a place called South Valley Park. It is such a magical valley and runs along the same fault line as Red Rocks and Garden of the Gods in Colorado Springs. There are amazing rock formations! 

I bought more tack and tethers because I was so inspired. Then I started training my goats with a shepherds hook. I discovered the hook can be used for protection against predator attacks. I bought bear spray for further protection and purchased some packing equipment for first aid and food. 

The 4 eventually learned the valley and are confident in hiking South Valley Park.Things were really coming together for us!!   

The hikes were organizing into a system I felt safe to use with others. This is was an amazing feeling because we could share the experience! Jimmy and I were bonding even more as son and father, plus we were bonding with our goats. Eventually we brought other goats like Mary and Pepper. We brought more people along to help us train them. It wasn't difficult to find people because everyone wanted to go!

One day I thought about it and came up with a name for our excursions. We decided to call them "Goat Walkabouts ", which birthed the newest RMGY family creation!

Goat Walkabouts are basically a companion hike with goats! Some goats are meant to pack gear and that's cool but these guys were meant to just be your friend on a journey! A companion on a magical adventure! 

These goats are natural climbers and they love to be out in nature! They like rocks and trees.. Farms are safe for keeping and raising goats but these little guys love to be outdoors in the foothills! They are curious explorers ready for adventure! 

Goats behave similar to a horse in that they run from danger and are very skittish so it's not like walking a dog. They can be stubborn and they can act out in a variety of ways because they are just being goats. This is a learning experience and a bonding experience. The goal is to bond with your animal and learn about them! It is educational and it is a blast!

We think this idea is awesome but we could sure use some financial help getting it started. Thus far we have built the biz without the need for loans or gifts. It's all hard work from goat yoga events and determination. 
What Are We Asking For?
This is where it gets real! Jimmy and I have 17 goats to train! Wowzers.. We will need volunteers for that! haha Much too many to train all at once. We will publish a schedule when we are ready.

4 goats have tack but the others do not! We have a truck and a 2 horse trailer we use for goat yoga. We really need another truck and another larger horse trailer to get the hikes going proper. This will provide safe transport for the herds and supply the business with enough gear to start to build the program. 

2020 did a number on RMGY but we never really complained and weren't worried because we were surrounded by good people. Jimmy Junior was my right hand man and we worked our butts off to save the company by offering new services and diversifying like Mini Donkey Grams and Baby Goat Grams. We still made great videos and worked together to make it happen! 
Now here we are!
Goat Walkabouts is the newest RMGY creation but in order to usher this new service in properly we need your help! Help my son and I make this an unreal experience that changes humanities perspective on th

caprine species. Help us get the right gear to transport the herds safely to and from their destination! Help us get any permits and help us train qualified herders to take up groups of people looking for adventure! 

I am not certain how much money this part of the business will require but we want to usher in the newest program and second stage of our goat yoga pros lives. I will start with a request of 5,000.00. This is a start and we are grateful for any contributions! 
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AND Thank you in advance for helping RMGY make Goat Walkabouts a reality!! 
Thank you in advance for helping RMGY make Goat Walkabouts a reality!! We can't wait to share this at your next team building exercise, homeschool field trip or just a companion hike in the foothills with the love of your life. This is an experience animal lovers will understand. 

Walkabout with us! 

Jim Naron and Jimmy Junior


Here are the goats we want to train as companion hikers in the Goat Walkabout program! 
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