Jobs At Rocky Mountain Goat Yoga
Learn more about jobs and what it takes to work with RMGY
For Goat Lovers ONLY!
Certified InstrucTor
Lift 50 Lbs
Experience WIth Animals
Set Up Mic & Headset
Organized & On Time!
Communicate With People!
Processing Transactions
Must Enjoy Cleaning
Friendly & Honest
Handle Goats, Clean Mats, Check In Guests
Pay Starts at $22 Hourly
This is an important position that is the backbone of our company. Farmhands are responsible for setting up the event including all tents, umbrellas, tables, cleaning stations, and handling goats.

The job is fast paced and requires heavy lifting. Some of the events we host require fencing assembly. The fencing is industrial strength steel fencing designed for sheep and goats. It's very heavy. 

The event setup usually requires at least 4 event staff and 3 hours of work. The event duration could last from 7am-3pm on a Saturday unless you work as a site manager. Then the shift would last from 5am-5pm. 
These goat yoga events are a blast! RMGY is in the business of cultivating happiness and spreading joy with trained Nigerian Dwarf goats. We have wonderful guests that love what we do. 

Other tasks include: 

- Cleaning All Yoga Mats
- Processing Guest Transactions
- Montoring Goats During Lessons
Teach Fun Yoga Classes That Are ALl About THe Goats
Pay Starts at $75 Per Lesson
Goat Yoga isn't your average yoga lesson! It's fun and very exciting but working with animals has its challenges. We always ensure a safe, sanitary event and are surrounded by smiles!!
If you would like to join Colorado's first and number one goat yoga business, submit your resume, 200 hour YT and certificate of insurance for an opportunity to work with an amazing team and lots of baby goats!
The instructors who work for us teach in front of 30 guests each lesson and sometimes there are multiple lessons in one event.
For more info or to ask any questions about the job, contact us through the email or click below

Other tasks include: 

- Helping guests learn about goats
- Handling goats and assisting Farmhands
- Teaching outdoors in unpredictable weather
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Contact us via email for questions and concerns. We are happy to provide you with more info about lessons, private events, corporate events and more.