For corporate events, parties, weddings, we supply the baby goats.
Corporate Events
Birthday Parties
Make Your Own
Off Site Events
We have different options for you, depending on how many people you have in your party. For the most part, we only do private lessons for people with enough guests to buy out an entire group lesson.

We have the ability to travel, for more unique events we can bring goats to a location off the farm. This requires a bit more preparation, but we are happy to travel to towns on the front range. 
  • Step 1: Fill out the event request form, and let us know more about your specific needs.
  • Step 2: Coordinate Event Dates, Locations, etc...
  •  Step 3: Lock your time in, and try to contain your excitement.
Get started by filling out an event request form. This form is available by clicking here, or clicking the button below. After your form is filled out, we will respond by either phone or email to organize the event. 
Do you have immediate questions?
If you have immediate questions, you may send us a message below. It is best however to fill out an event request form, or to read through our informational PDF that tells you all about private and events. After asking us your question, we will still require you to fill out an event request form.
Question about event...
How do we qualify for a private event?
Its easy, just let us know more about the size of your group, when you want the event to happen, and anything else we can do for you. If the event is on the weekend and we are not booked with other requests, you get the goats you need!
Speaking of Goats, how many do we get?
We make sure to provide enough goats (8 on average) so that everyone can cuddle with a friend. If you have a large party, we give you more goats and if you have a small party, a few less.
Are all the goats babies?
We have a different number of baby goats at different farms. Some will be babies, others a little older, but they are all playful and super friendly. Ask us about our goats in the form below!
Can we feed the goats?
Yes, but only with food from the farm. We allow 15 minutes for goat feeding/ cuddling during every 1hr lesson
What if we just want to take pictures?
That's totally fine. Goat yoga is about fun and relaxation. We want you to make the event special and unique in your own way. 
Do you do events off site?
We will come to you if you provide us enough details and it makes sense to bring the goats. We like to travel most places, but our goats love to travel to grazzy areas. If you are a corporate party, bringing them into the office will be less ideal.
Do we need to bring our own mats?
No need to bring your own mat to our private lessons. We have our own mats to provide specifically for your event at no extra charge. 
Can we bring people that aren't doing yoga?
You are welcome to bring people that want to hang out on the farm, take pictures, or just meet the goats, however if they have not paid we ask that they please do not participate in the yoga.
What if we have more than 24 people?
We can do more than 1 private event in a day, so you can have 2 events that have 24 people. This works for sororities, and larger events or corporate groups. 
Can we customize our event?
YES! look below at the form and let us know if you want any special accomodations.
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Contact us via email for questions and concerns. We are happy to provide you with more info about lessons, private events, corporate events and more.