Yoga With Baby Goats!
A super fun event for the whole family, sign up for smiles...
Longmont Events
Baby goat yoga at Lucky Weather Ranch in Longmont, Colorado. Weekends/ Weekdays Sunset Lessons... See More
Golden Events
Baby goat yoga at Skal Farms in Golden, Colorado. Our most popular location for friends & families... See More
Special Events
We take the goat yoga to your business. Hosting at breweries, hotels, shopping malls, festivals... Contact Us To Book
Private Events
For large parties, sports teams, sororities, etc. Choose a location and send us a message with more details.
"The Most Fun I've Ever Had At Yoga"
prepare to have the greatest weekend of all time
We're All About Your Goat Yoga Experience
WIth over 400 events hosted in the last year alone, we've perfected the goat yoga experience
Bringing The Goats To Colorado Yoga
In May 2017 Jim Naron hosted the first goat yoga lesson in Boulder, Colorado. He was inspired by Laney Morse, who had been using goats yoga for therapy in Oregon.
Rescuing Baby Goats Since 2017
At Rocky Mountain Goat Yoga, we work with local goat rescues to keep a sustainable herd. Many times, goat owners will add goats from other herds to keep the gene pool healthy and vibrant.
Featured Lessons

Goat Yoga - October 28th (Brighton)

The Sonflower Ranch is something only one can experience to know how truly beaufitul it is. Owners and operators, Mike King and Kieth Gunn have built a breathtaking wildlife rehabilitation center for many different animal species and breeds. From Racoons, Emu's and various horse breeds to an aviary that is home to hundreds of beautifully colored birds. Get Tickets

Goat Yoga - November 10th (Release Studio - BYOB)

Rocky Mountain Goat Yoga has partnered with our good friends at Release Studio for the 2018 winter season! That's right! Stay out of the cold and come snuggle some baby goats on a Saturday morning at a super cool yoga studio in the Santa Fe art district!! Sign Up Now
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