Yoga With Baby Goats!
A super fun event for the whole family, sign up for smiles...
RMGY started Goat Yoga in Colorado by providing public Goat Yoga events for guests of all ages and skill levels. This is our most popular event where around 20 people do yoga in an area with 8 goats. We provide public events accross colorado but are mainly located around Denver and colorado springs. Find an Event Closest to You >
Are you looking to do Goat Yoga with a large group, over 12 people? The private goat yoga events we offer work great for bridal showers, birthdays, women’s retreats, small business team building outings and many other occasions. Learn more about private events by clicking here... Learn More >
Goat Walkabouts
Come take a journey with RMGY and explore Jeffco Open Space like you never have before.Goat Walkabouts!  Animals can provide a sense of calm, comfort, or safety and divert attention away from a stressful situation and toward one that provides pleasure. At RMGY, we offer Goat Walkabouts as a way to help people heal from PTSD. Read more here...
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RMGY Special Services Include Baby Goat Grams, Small Private Events, Goat Walkabouts, The GOAT Interactive Experience & More. If you want something more than just goat yoga, and love goats, check out our special services page Here.. For Baby Goat Gram Shortcut... Baby Goat Gram Info Form >
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We work with small families, small businesses and large resorts all across colorado. Check out our list of clients to see who trusts Rocky Mountain Goat yoga to deliver smiles and a great time. Some of our clients include Vail Resorts, Vogue Magazine, and Animal Planet. Read More >
In response to COVID-19, we have opened up Virtual classes to provide a fun and laid back atmosphere for our guests. Virtual classes are donation based and anyone can drop in to say hi to the goats without needing to pay. Click to be taken to our eventbrite and sign up for virtual lessons today! Learn More >.
"The Most Fun I've Ever Had At Yoga"
prepare to have the greatest weekend of all time
We're All About Your Goat Yoga Experience
WIth over 400 events hosted in the last year alone, we've perfected the goat yoga experience
Bringing The Goats To Colorado Yoga
In May 2017 Jim Naron hosted the first goat yoga lesson in Boulder, Colorado. He was inspired by Laney Morse, who had been using goat yoga for therapy in Oregon. 
Rescuing Baby Goats Since 2017
At Rocky Mountain Goat Yoga, we work with local goat rescues to keep a sustainable herd. Many times, goat owners will add goats from other herds to keep the gene pool healthy and vibrant.
Learn more about the Goat Walkabout GOFUNDME Here >
Featured Events

Goat Yoga - January 23rd (RMGY Studio)

We hope you're ready for fun!! You've heard about us, read about us and probably seen us on the local news. Rocky Mountain Goat Yoga is sweeping the Rockies with the best Goat Yoga events in Colorado!  Our guests have told us over and over again that this is one the most exciting and fun activities they have ever done!

Our events proceed with a 45 minute goat yoga lesson and end with a 15min decompression for our guests & goats. The guests can pet the goats, hold the goats and just spend time loving the gift of these cute and innocent animals.



Total Length: 2.5 - 3 HOURS
Trail Difficulty: EASY
Max Number Of Hikers: 5

This program is still in its infancy and we are making steps to grow daily. We would very much like to do this the right way and want to pour a good foundation. We want to practice this activity safely and offer it to others to enjoy and would love your support!

Walkabout request form: Click Here

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